Holy Basil seed.

Holy Basil seed.

I still find it quite magical that I can plant a few seeds, each one barely the size of the point of a pen, and come back a few months later to harvest a wagon full of tasty and nutritious herbs packed with healing potential. Ideas are like seeds in this way. They start as a thought, can extend outward in our actions and have the potential to affect those in our community and beyond. This is exactly how Oma began. Just a thoughtA thought to make locally grown medicinal herbs more widely available to the local area. Now in our third season, our root system is sturdy and we are branching out. As our actions ripple outward, it is always our intention to make the highest quality, responsibly grown herbs and offer them up to you as a form of good will. At the root of it all, we aspire to share our good vibes and promote health and healing. 

This season we will have new mixes, more events, and more herbs to keep you happy and healthy. We are also beginning our Herbal Tea CSA.  We are offering a 6 month and 12 month share. You may sign up anytime and will begin receiving your tea with the next month's shipment. Included in this CSA will be some of our classic tea offerings and some mixes that we will blend exclusively for members of the CSA.  Whatever way you decide to buy your tea this season, whether it is one bag or a 12 month CSA subscription, we hope the herbs make your day a touch better and that you feel the warmth of our good intentions with each cup you brew. 

Upcoming Events:

Philly Farm and Food Fest
PA Convention Center
Saturday April 8th 11-4pm

Floral and Hardy
Mother/Daughter Tea Tasting
Skippack, PA
June 25th 2-3pm