Oma’s Herbal Tea CSA

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12 Month Herbal Tea CSA
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Whether you are a seasoned tea drinker or just looking to get started, our herbal tea CSA might be just what you are looking for. Our small batch herbal tea blends are created with herbs grown literally right in our own backyard. Mindfully and sustainably we seed, plant, harvest, dry and handcraft herbs into tea blends for your drinking pleasure.


We offer a six month and twelve month share with rolling sign ups . Each month you will receive your 1 oz. bag (20-25 cups) of loose leaf tea delivered right to your door and tailored to match the seasons. Nature has a rhythm and so do we. We blend our herbs to compliment this natural ebb and flow. You will receive a monthly tea blend including some of our classic varieties and some custom blended for the CSA.

*CSAs are shipped out on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.


In our gardens, we employ many practices that serve to keep the soil and the pulsing life contained in it happy and healthy. No-till, heavy mulch, cover cropping, companion planting and no chemical sprays are some of the methods we employ when growing herbs for our community. When it comes to herbs, not only do growing practices make a difference but drying practices do as well. Herbs contain many active compounds that make them flavorful and medicinal. These compounds are easily volatized at high temperatures or under improper drying conditions. We dry our herbs in our drying shed at 110 degrees and below taking into consideration each herb’s requirements. When choosing herbs to purchase, the dry plant matter should look as similar to the fresh plant material as possible.  The herbs should look vibrant and smell strong.

6 Month Herbal Tea CSA
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