Benefits of Elderberry Tincture: An Amazing Immune Booster

An Immune Boosting Powerhouse

Many people already familiar with Elderberries know that they are an immune-boosting powerhouse. These North American native berries are a potent cold and flu remedy, especially when it comes to treating viruses. Elderberries have had great results in clinical trials, demonstrating their ability to disarm the mechanism by which viruses enter our cells. They can prevent or cut the severity and duration of a cold if taken regularly when symptoms first appear.

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Rich in Antioxidants

In addition, elderberries are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds that help to rid the body of harmful free radicals which are responsible for many different degenerative diseases.


One dropperful of elderberry tincture can be taken once a day throughout cold and flu season as a preventative or 3-4 times a day while symptoms occur. Our elderberry extract is made with organic vegetable glycerin, making it sweet, tasty, and kid friendly.

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