Autumn Equinox

Happy Autumn Equinox! We are finally bagging up tea mixes and they are available again at the Fair Food Farmstand at Reading Terminal Market! The mixes make for great hot and cold teas.

Just because it is officially fall does not necessarily mean the herbs are slowing just yet. The drying room has been jam packed for the last few months and likely will continue to be for the next few weeks. We thought we’d share a bit about our drying process with you as it is one of the most crucial parts of making great tea. Oma herbs are dried at relatively low temperatures (between 85 and 105 degrees) to preserve bioactive compounds and keep the herbs looking as much like their fresh, vibrant counterparts as possible. Drying time depends on the herb (generally 3-10 days depending on the plant) and all of the drying takes place in our drying shed which keeps the herbs out of direct sunlight.  Commercial tea producers tend to dry their herbs at a higher temperature in an effort to expedite the process however, many of the chemical constituents and oils that make the herbs medicinal and flavorful are lost at these high temperatures. This results in herbs that have a sallow, brownish hue which make for a lackluster tea without much healing value. We hope you notice the difference when you sit down for next cup of tea.